Hi, My name is Alice.
These are my 2 lovely kids, Kyle 11 and Zyu 8 and my mommies friend called me

“Wonderful Wonder Woman” a.k.a WWW

because I market and promote things online part time running a successful eCommerce business.

Like many other moms, all we wanted is to provide the best for our children and spend more time with them during their growing up years.

Working Mom Guilt… 

It started 11 years ago.

Due to the commitment I had with the job, I have to work long hours, missing the special moments with my kids and this “Mom Guilt” came over me. I know I need to spend more time with them and seeing thru to their growing up years.

At that time, I only know internet is a solution for me that I can work on my free time to start building something that would turn into something big so I can stay home with my kid.

(Maybe you too have felt like this before or maybe you feel like that right now?)

As my finances were tight and cannot afford expensive course, I went library to do research and decided to start my own online web store selling fashion and accessories. With no experience to begin with, I met a lot of challenges but the goal of being able to spend time with my kid in future keep me on track.

Despite how exhausted I am, I want to get my store up and running.

Eventually, my fashion store is open for business.

I’m happy that my dream is coming true.

But little do I know that the time I get to spend with my family is getting lesser. Although the sale of my online store is good, I’m spending bulk of my free time to do fulfillment, sourcing of new products, liaising with supplier, handling customer service and technical issue.

I’m quickly tiring myself out …

It was not until early 2015, that I saw more and more of my peers get retrenched that got me thinking,…

– what if I got retrenched?
– Would I have another source of income to help out my family?
– What if both my hubby and me are out of job?
– What would happen?

The thought of running an online web store came back to me. Having tasted success and failure in my online fashion business, I know exactly what I’m looking for.

Like many others, I went for preview after preview in search for the eCommerce model that allows me to do it in my spare time without the administrative stuffs that eaten up bulk of my time.

Success Finally Came…

Finally on February 2016, I’ve finally found it.

This is a revolutionary way of doing eCommerce which means, traditionally eCommerce is only “buy-sell”, while this eCommerce goes beyond “buy-sell”, it allows anyone with or without experience to create wealth.

That also means that it allows anyone to “buy” back time, so that they can have more free time to do the things they love and like without stocking up, design and develop website, doing fulfillment and many more.

Paying it Forward…

After operating the store for 1 year, using only social media and smartphone, I’m able to spend more quality time with my family and feel more in control of my destiny because not only my eCommerce business gives me an alternative solution to make money and create wealth, it can also help anyone whom want to do the same.

If you resonate with me or feel that you can do better than what you are worth or always wanting to give your family a better secure life, I invite you come explore this alternative solution together.

I can’t guarantee this is for you but I can guarantee you that, you will fall in love with this solution just like how other moms that I working with are after you view it.

Borrowing words from one of the mom “this eCommerce is specially design for mom because it’s simple, easy and fun.”

If you want to connect with Alice Sim, please enter your name, email and mobile number.

Don’t forget that we are the “Wonderful Wonder Woman” in our kid eyes. 😉

Yours sincerely
Alice Sim | A Working Mom Successfully Running eCommerce Business From Home.

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