Tips before buying a solo ad.

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Solo ads involve paying another vendor or website to send an email to the mailing list, for promoting your website or products.


What are the benefits of using solo ads?

From my experience Solo ads, you can build up your email list very fast and you can quickly promoting your affiliate products just after they subscribed to your newsletter. These people from solo ads are pretty good because you have an idea of their interest from the type of website and mailing list you’re buying from.

So now, how we know that where their interest comes from?

Example: If you website is talking about a dog care niche instead of dog training niche, so when people opt into your email list, you will know that this person they are looking for something that can caring about their dog instead of training the dog. So, you need to specifically keywords here is very important.


How do I find a solo ad provider?

Actually finding a list of good solo ad providers doesn’t take long. The information you need are…

1) You may look at the websites that target a similar demographic

It’s doesn’t need to be in exactly the same niche as you. But it is good if you can find the same niche. Have you heard about You can check it out, there you are able to look at the same niche / similar niche as you.

And what does it mean by “demographic” ?

It’s simply mean “the same kinds of people”. For instance, “women over 35 years old”, or “men interested in making money”.

If your website targets the dating niche for example, you could be looking for any website with a large audience of women over 35. (This is a good demographic to target for dating or weight loss)

So have a think about your demographic: What do women over 35 like? What sort of sites are they likely to visit? Or to approach it from another angle: What kind of sites are likely to have a lot of women over 35 visiting them? and etc.

Or you could search them out from google search engines.


2.) Filtering your results

Take a quick search over their site whether you able to locate their ways of collecting the email addresses. And see how they collecting the emails.

Usually one website they have plenty of ways to get people to sign up:

Example 1

A comment post; you need to give them your email before you can post a comment

Example 2

Newsletters; you need to give them your email before you can get the either weekly newsletter or a monthly newsletter

Example 3

Special Gifts or Winning a free stuffs; ‘be the 100 person to win the iPad’


3.) Email them

List out the potential websites and writing some notes on what you have found about the potential website. Find a couple of them.

And this is the time you to contact them and start approaching them about the solo ads.

Get your ready all kinds of questions the vendor or the website owner might ask you.


What will the questions they ask you?

It is good that you prepare some of the questions they might ask you, and you have to tell them frankly what your website or niche is. But most of the time, you will get approve because after all you’re the one who paying out for the spot.

If you do not know or how to answer that, what you need to do is you can go to forum or google to get help you answer the questions.

If they say that they do sell solo ads, or that they would, you can start asking more questions before you get started. These would likely include:

  • How big is your list?
  • What is your open rate?
  • What is your average number of clicks per mail out?
  • How many new subscribers do you get per week?
  • How much do they usually charge per ad?


Why we asking these, because it will help and will give you an idea of how much exposure you could get from their list.

Now here’s the thing, If let’s say they have a massive responsive list, you got a good news that’s means you will have a better chance of opt in rate! But it also might be somewhat costly for someone just starting out. On the other hand, if they have a very small list or a low open rate, the cost could be lower but also not worth your time. Make sense!

Let’s us jump to …


How to measure a good price for a solo ad?

If you are new, you can’t figure this out just yet before you’ve gone through the test/ trial motions, you’ll need to make a rough estimation for yourself…

These are the elements you should consider on what price that you’re willing to pay:

  1. Their average click-through numbers (CTR)
  2. Your squeeze page opt-in rate
  3. How much money your list makes in the first 30 days

Take a look at the rough idea for the solo ad cost;

Example: If you haven’t had many visitors to your page, let’s say about 25% opt in rate. And $1 or $1.50 per click.

If you sending a 300 clicks and based on the 25% opt in rate, so your solo ad max amount lies between $75 and $150.

Well, this is only a rough guide and there are a lot of variables to consider, so you will have to decide what you personally are willing to pay.

When you have the money to spend, solo-ads are something that you could try.

At the end of the day, analyse your ads, and determine whether is it worth to you after spending that kind of money.

Getting excited now…

You have checked and do the research, now it’s time for you to write a killer solo ad


Writing of killer solo ad

The 2 main elements to consider are:

1.) Strong attention of email subject head line

It’s very important and this will give you great chance to get this email open. Otherwise, you will end up paying for nothing, therefore it is crucial you must get it right.

  • Target audience – who you are market to and how you can help them
  • Avoid too lengthy words – Keep it short and simply
  • Using a specific number – example ‘I made $45,0402.89 from Facebook Webinar’
  • A strong call to action – Must tell them what to do ‘Register now’, ‘Join me’
  • Don’t too spammy – See example here

2) Value of Content

Prepare you lead magnet, such as free eBook, free video to get their attention and input their email to your list.

Give them the reason why they should provide their email to you. What will they get from you? How you could help them solve their problem?

When this is done, your solo ads is ready to go!


Now, give yourself a 30 days to test and run and see how much you can make from the solo ads, if you could make some money out of it, you need more tweaking or you need to find another vendor, and if you could make more than what you have paid, then congratulations to you!

Reconsidering go for another campaign with them but depending whether they could give you more frequent slot for you.

But if you don’t make anything for the first time, don’t be upset but to consider what you need to do to make your next solo ads more effective and compelling.

Like I said, if you want to build your list fast, solo ad can do for you. But remember, solo ad you need to test and run, and must be consistent, once you get the ‘click’, you will be amazed with the effectiveness and definitely worth thinking about.

Enjoy read

Alice Sim